- Who ? -
  Momoka Gomi is a hand weaver/designer that uses traditional craft techniques, methods and aesthetics and brings them into modern design.
  -Textiles as a second skin.-
     Momoka believes that fabric functions as a second skin in society. It is the physical material that is most essential to and closest to a human's body, from birth to death. As your own skin which grows up and ages with you, the textiles she creates are designed to live with you, age with you, and stay with you for a lifetime. Her products are the precious pieces that hold your personal memories and story.
     -Where the inspiration started.-
      Denim is the fabric that inspired us to start our collection. 
      “Denim is the most widely used and popular clothing because it speaks, tells its tale, provides a narrative, implies a history, imparts meaning, bears the tracks and traces, stains and memories of its passage; it is a marker of time.”
      — Val Beattie, 2008: ‘Denim: The fabric of our lives’.
      There are some materials, such as denim, leather and oil paper, whose aging over time along with their owners is perceived as a positive thing. She wants her fabric to do the same and to be perceived in the same way.
      We especially focus on weaving. Woven fabric is much like life, which is also woven from many threads: threads which equate to experience, knowledge and wisdom.
        Her aim is to make products that reflect the lives of their owners as they age, in the same way that woven fabric already mirrors life.