Denim is the most widely used and popular clothing because it speaks, tells it’s tale, provides a narrative, implies a history, imparts meaning, bears the tracks and traces, stains and memories of its passage; it is a marker of time.

— By, Val Beattie,2008. Denim: The fabric of our lives. P,43


Who Makes our Textiles?

More than half of our products are made by the Buyi people - one of the minorities living in the South East of China. They weave the fabric using traditional practices, passed down from hundreds of generations.The Buyi people hand-dye our indigo fabrics using their own home-grown plants. To complete the process, they construct each garment with care; using specialist, traditional stitching techniques. What we end up with are beautiful products that have care, ownership and heritage embedded in every inch of the faber.

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